Simple Must Know things about Vardenafil

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for aged men as well as for men who have gone through surgery, trauma, and diseases, and vardenafil is one of the oral medications that can help you cure this condition; at least temporarily yet long enough to be able to participate in sexual activity.

Vardenafil is actually quite effective, especially when you compare it to other oral medications that also aim to treat erectile dysfunction.  Probably the best thing about vardenafil is that you require much less dosage to achieve the same effect as compared to its competition.  However, even though vardenafil is considered to be the most effective oral medication for erectile dysfunction, since this is a prescription medication, there are still simply must know things about the medication.  Knowing them may at least alleviate you from any side effects or it failing to work for you.

  1. One of the most important things to know when taking vardenafil is to never consume large amounts of alcohol.  The reason behind this is that large quantities of alcohol in your bloodstream may reduce the effectiveness of the medication and therefore reduce your chances of obtaining an erection.  In other words, you will just be wasting the benefits of the drug due to too much alcohol.
  2. Another important thing to remember is to never drink any grapefruit juice when under this medication.  This is because the chemicals in the fruit will help in dangerously increasing the levels of the medication in your bloodstream.  This is actually very serious because you will be prone to nasty side effects should this happen.
  3. The common mistake that men make when taking vardenafil is that they think that by taking this medication, they will be able to achieve an erection.  While this is partly true, sexual arousal or stimulation is still necessary in order for blood to be pumped inside the penis and therefore achieve an erection.  Without any sexual stimulation, the penis will remain dormant and flaccid.
  4. If you take vardenafil for sexual intentions but somehow cannot get an erection or the erection does not last long enough, you need to tell your doctor about this, but never take more dose than what your doctor had initially prescribed unless he gives you the go signal on how much dose you can take the next time.  Or, if the medication seems too strong for you, inform your doctor about this immediately so he can reduce you dosage the next time you use the medication.
  5. Vardenafil is already in itself a medication that can lower blood pressure.  Taking vardenafil along with medications that lowers blood pressure is prohibited as it can cause extremely and dangerously low blood pressure which can be fatal.

As with almost any prescription medications, side effects are very common and would require proper directions from your physician to be able to take them safely.  If you feel dizzy when under vardenafil, make sure that you do not drive nor operated any heavy machineries or power tools for your safety and the safety of the people around you.  Should you experience any change in vision, make sure to call your doctor immediately and report your experience.  For loss of vision or chest pains, seek medical attention immediately.

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