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Cost of HGH Therapy

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Almost everyone these days are aware of the amazing benefits of the human growth hormones, but prior to embarking these supplements you should know how to balance the cost. If you take time to search for HGH products over the internet, you will find some of these products at an exaggerated cost, while some are much cheaper. In the midst of your search you may wonder whether the more expensive supplement is worth the shot than the cheaper one. You may also be tempted with the cheaper alternatives to boost HGH level to save cost.

 Factors that affect the cost of HGH therapy

There are quite a lot of factors which can influence the cost of human growth hormone therapy. Understanding these factors may help you determine the difference between HGH products that are injectable or in the form of natural supplements. Synthetic hormones will usually cost you around a few hundreds to thousands of dollars while supplements are only around less than a few dollars monthly. (more…)