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Avanafil – A New and Quicker Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Erectile dysfunction, also called male impotence, is a prevalent medical condition that affects millions of men all over the world, and it can potentially cause ruinous effects on a couple’s quality of life.  A lot of men who actually suffer from this condition do not seek help as they feel ashamed, embarrassed, or they do not know how to deal with it if they let their doctor know about their problem.  For those who do seek help, their doctor can evaluate what causes their erectile dysfunction.  If they successfully find out what causes it, then they can prescribe and advise their patients to perform the necessary steps and/or take medications (such as the newly FDA-approved avanafil) to help them battle the devastating effects of erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to the discovery of the cGMP-specific 3’, 5’-cyclic phosphodiesterase inhibitors (or PDE5) as well as being equipped with the in-depth understanding of the physiology of penile erections, the treatment for male sexual impotence was developed and made revolutionary, and this particular type of drug was then made the first-ever treatment for this condition that is detrimental to a man’s quality of life. (more…)

Aging and its Commonly Associated Diseases

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Of all type of health conditions, the process of aging is quite unique because it is something that many of us will get to experience.  In fact, there are even a good number of us who are even looking forward to growing old – a perspective that has greatly increased in the past century.  This newfound perspective in life simply shows that we are interesting in living long lives.  Fortunately, with the currently level of modern medicine, medications, and technology available today, we are considerably living by as much as thirty years older in average by that of the 19th century people. (more…)

Is Finasteride Safe to Use?

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Finasteride, the drug designed by the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Inc. was actually designed for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.  But it was discovered that the drug they made accidentally had some beneficial side effects to which numerous men could take advantage of – the treatment of androgenetic alopecia or more popularly known as male pattern baldness.  The discovery of the side effect in fact was purely incidental.  During the many months of clinical trials, men who were also suffering from male pattern baldness noticed a significant decrease over their hair loss, with some even reporting the total stop of hair loss with hair growth significantly visible.  This led the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., Inc., to further research the claims.  During the research, it was then that they discovered that at smaller dosages, the medication that was intended to treat BPH can also actually help treat androgenic alopecia. (more…)