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The Mental Aspect of Erectile Dysfunction

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Throughout the centuries, erectile dysfunction was mostly believed to be caused by psychological factors.  This is what common wisdom tells them, that the condition was all in the mind.  However, as medical field began to progress, so was the study behind what causes erectile dysfunction.  These days, more people understand that the true cause of erectile dysfunction doesn’t just involve psychological factors, but that physical factors are involved in most cases of ED.

The psychological type of impotence is mostly abrupt in its occurrence and that there is usually a situation involved.  While some individuals may still be able to achieve erections in light of the current situation, there are others on the other hand who simply find it difficult.  However, if that person does not get any erections during sleep and during waking up from sleep, then the problem may be more of physical. (more…)

Simple Must Know things about Vardenafil

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for aged men as well as for men who have gone through surgery, trauma, and diseases, and vardenafil is one of the oral medications that can help you cure this condition; at least temporarily yet long enough to be able to participate in sexual activity.

Vardenafil is actually quite effective, especially when you compare it to other oral medications that also aim to treat erectile dysfunction.  Probably the best thing about vardenafil is that you require much less dosage to achieve the same effect as compared to its competition.  However, even though vardenafil is considered to be the most effective oral medication for erectile dysfunction, since this is a prescription medication, there are still simply must know things about the medication.  Knowing them may at least alleviate you from any side effects or it failing to work for you. (more…)