Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mothering BootCamp - You are the Center of their Universe

- Coming home to what's important -

As the economy continues on it's path, Mothers can do something to reinfuse the values, meaning, security and wonder that lie in the path of Motherhood and family. There is something sacred and amazing that re-welcomes mothers to join it, to participate in it and to rejoice in it.

First and foremost, you are a child of God. You are a loving guide to your children, a kind and tender-hearted partner to your husband, the rock of the household. As the rock, you create the stability and set the tone for the family. Of course your husband participates just as much, but if you are the primary caretaker of your children and household, then it is you who guides and really sets the pace.
You are the center of the Universe for everyone in your family. 

You have the ability within your own hands to create a peaceful, loving home environment - one filled with security, emotional fulfillment and full of precious memories for your children, and for yourself.  

Realize how much love surrounds you and how much your family needs you to be continually loving and continually improving yourself, for your sake and theirs. Conscious mothering means taking that in, and being the very best you can, each and every day. Sure there are off days... but it's easy to live each day from a place of love and nurturing, especially when it becomes a habit. It all starts with the daily connection to The Divine.

    Inspire yourself each and everyday by reading, prayer and meditation. Hold peace in your heart and as your goal and it becomes easier and easier to have peace in your home. Make mistakes, sure, learn from them, forgive yourself and move on. Each day is a wonderful opportunity to begin again. You can choose for it to be similar to days past with new things added, or you can choose to start from scratch and create something better. This is all done through the power of your thoughts. It is the thoughts you hold about your family, your place in the world and the people who surround you that create your life into what it is. It all begins in the mind.

You mean the world to your family and I know they mean the world to you too. If there are relationships that need addressing, address them. If stress is an issue, heal it. If you want peace, speak of it often (not wanting it but how you embody it). Linger on things you want for yourself and your family. I want to encourage you today to begin using positive affirmations about your family and your role within that sacred space. As you know, when we focus on what we want and continually uplift that in meditation and hold that in our hearts and minds, we become that. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts.

Your special role has given you a special privilege. That is to set the pace and example for the little souls and your partner. Do you see the power in this? By embodying all the wonderful qualities you wish to foster in your life, you create an environment that is all you wish it to be. You are the creator.

Life is a journey, and it seems to pass all too quickly. Strife and discontent wear away rather quickly, but memories we hold onto. You create what you want in your life, you alone are responsible for the life you are living. Take charge of that and take life by the reins! Start today by making a list of everything that important to you, in what areas you want to improve and how you want your life to be. FOCUS on each area, one at a time. Affirm that life is becoming more joyful and that you are abundant, peaceful and full of love and joy. When you possess these thoughts, you create a very special atmosphere in your little neck of the Universe. You affect your children and your spouse because everything you do, touches them. Know that your life is an outer reflection on your inner self, and be glad in that. Change is really as simple as changing a thought.

Love, Mellisa

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