Friday, February 11, 2011

Homegrown Values 9 - Loyalty

What comes to mind when you think of loyalty? It is formed from that connection and love you feel for someone, something or a cause you deeply respect. It is standing up, standing for, being true and being a part of that. It's doing whatever you can and have to to help and support.

A loyal person stands beside and stands up for a cause, a person or something else they feel that loyalty too. Loyalty requires trust and love…. even when things get difficult, we know that a loyal person will stand by our side, and help us through whatever difficulty may lie ahead.

Children are taught loyalty through our own dedication and role modeling.  Loyalty equals dependability. It is keeping one’s word, following through. It means doing what is right and honorable, even when it’s difficult.

When we show loyalty, others know that they can depend on us. We can be counted on. 

Reinforce the value of loyalty when your child does something that he said he would. Take notice and tell your child how proud you are of the dependability and loyalty. In this way, you’re cultivating loyalty in your child. Notice all the ways that the members of your family are loyal to each other and dependable, always accomplishing whatever they promise, or at least trying to with all their heart.  

Make sure your children know that you will always be there for them, no matter what. Even in these challenging economic times….family stays together, works together, play together and find solutions to it all.  That, as you know, is loyalty. 

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