Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homegrown Values 8 - Spirituality

Spirituality is your connection with Spirit, God, All That Is. I feel all these things are the same, anyway you choose to describe it. Some prefer to say The Universe - they're not talking about some inanimate object or just a collection of the galaxies, but....  The Living Breathing Loving Energy that IS -  LOVE personalized, which is what GOD is, call it what you will.
 You can see God any way you want to see God, and everyone's view differs. I happen to know a lovely little 8 year old girl who sees God sitting down like a king somewhere way up there in the sky with leather sandles on His feet. Good for her, she feels the connection. And that's the whole point. 

When you begin to feel that connection in your life, and know that there is something greater than you, that loves you unconditionally, in spite of all sin mistakes, then you are truly connecting to the Divine. We are human. Human beings use words to express themselves, and words cannot do justice sometimes. They are not complete and they get misinterpreted. 
   The point is that the door to The Divine is always open. We are spiritual beings on a journey. You may try to keep the door closed, you may not answer that call, you may even deny the door is there, but it is. It is there and it is open. 
If you want to experience balance, harmony and peace in your life, start to inquire about that door. Leave it wide open, study it, examine it, stick your hand through it....then walk through it. When you do, you will find that eternal joy and peace awaits you. 
Life is not drudgery but joy-filled. You will see meaning in each moment, whether that moment is lovely or a burden. You will see it as such because of the opportunity for soul growth. Each day we are presented with opportunities to learn more about The Divine. Those are never ending and they are everywhere. As we grow closer to the Divine, our souls sing out in joy and rejoicing. It fills us up like a cool long drink in the hot desert. We realize what we have been missing. If you have already walked through door, I encourage you to continually dig deeper. See the deeper meaning in everyday things. Its always there. When you live your life in this way, joy reigns in your heart. You embody LOVE. Try applying it in all situations and suddenly life takes on a whole new meaning.

For children, I wrote down a little story after I shared it with my own two sons. I hope you enjoy it!

Oneness Stories to tell Children - The Boy who Loved Chocolate

Love, Mellisa

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