Thursday, February 3, 2011

Homegrown Values 6 - Love and Kindness

Love and Kindness are high values in our household and standards by which I strive to hold myself and my family. Showing kindness towards all of creation and allowing love to penetrate every word and action is a lofty goal, but one well worth striving for. 

   Love is sharing, caring, joyful and it feels good in your soul. When we are loving, we feel the goodness and purity inside.. we feel the positive energy flowing through our veins and electrifying us with joy! This is our God-given gift. Love is the ultimate and true reality. It shines out our personal dramas, it clears the twisted path. it is what is real and true. Without love, we feel emptiness and nothingness, despair and hopelessness. We feel utter sadness when we cut ourselves off from love. Our hearts know that something is terribly wrong when we choose what is not loving.

Anger and fear cannot live where love resides. 

  Love makes us feel safe, and that we belong. Every being was born with the capacity to be the embodiment of pure love. Let's be reminded today what a huge impact we have on our children and that the value of love and kindness is one that no one can be without. Showing love and sharing kindness changes lives for the better. 


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