Monday, January 31, 2011

Homegrown Values 4 - Patience

Patience is a virtue that sometimes takes a lifetime to master, and yet, if we slow down and take on God's natural rhythm and nature's rhythm we see that we have all the patience in the world.

When you yourself embody patience, your children will gradually grow to see the wonder in that and want to emulate that. Of course your children are not that patient, but as an unplugged, spiritually aware mother, you know how to be patient. You can wait because you know how to remain detached from all the drama of life's little incidents. RIGHT? No? Not really? Well listen, you're not alone. Patience is a virtue that all parents have to work on. But it is well worth the practice. You see, it's pretty easy to be patient actually... you must practice detachment. You must see everything that happens in life simply as an experience. When you see that, have faith in God to always bring you through, and use affirmative prayer, you know that wonderful things are right there for the asking. You practice detachment by seeing the experience from an outside angle, from seeing the drama that is currently happening almost like a movie. Watch it, provide helpful insight if you can.. and move on. Practicing patience means not allowing your emotions to take control over you. 

   YOU are in control. Breathe deeply and acknowledge the situation for what it is:  simply an experience to help you get to know yourself better.  

   Meditate on this a while, and affirm that you are becoming more patient everyday. Apply detachment and seeing life from this new vantage point and you will see that practicing the value of patience is really quite easy.

  Love, Mellisa

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