Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 1 Homegrown Values – Honesty

    We want our word to be impeccable. In order for your child to demonstrate this, your own word must be impeccable. Hold yourself to the highest standard of truth at all times, even when it’s hard. You will find a natural liberation when you make your word impeccable.

Kids will inevitably try the lying game at some point, even to you (especially when getting in trouble is starring them hard in the eye). Your job is to guide your child to understand that the consequences of lying end up being much worse than actually telling the truth. They also need to understand that lying fosters lack of trust. Children need to know we trust them wholeheartedly and that trust is something that must be maintained and nurtured. You must share these concepts with your child. Learn to treat your child almost as your best friend, who you share nuggets of wisdom with constantly. Do not talk down to them (or they will talk down to you) but fully encourage and expect honesty, in all situations, just as you would from your best friend or your spouse.

Finally, when your child is completely honest with you and tells you he DID something that he is afraid to tell you (but he’s being honest)… you must not overreact. If you punish your child that is surely sending a message that honesty leads to punishment. You must control your emotions and while there may be reparations that need to be done, put the fact that your child was HONEST before anything else. Once your child realizes that you will not punish him for being truthful, he will naturally come to be impeccable with his word, with you and with everyone in his life. Help him realize that happiness is being truth, honest and impeccable with his word.

Practice HONESTY today!

Love, Mellisa

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